UK Permanent Resident Card

Check if you are eligible to apply

UK Permanent Residence Card

Check if you are eligible to apply for UK Permanent Resident Card.

You can fill out the form fields and we will get back to you. If you meet the requirements listed above, you are eligible to apply for the UK Permanent Resident Card.


The information you provide in the ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY FORM will help us to assess if you are eligible to apply. Normally, applications if complying with requirements, are only denied in extreme cases, such as criminal record or money laundering. Nonetheless, the final decision and approval lies fully on the UK Immigration and Consular authorities. Therefore, please be advised that although your suitability to apply, your chances of approval and most cases are approved, it does not guarantee the final approval.

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1) Are you an EEA citizen or from Switzerland?

2) Are you a Non EEA citizen who is direct family member or an extended family member of a national of these EEA countries?

3) Are you living in UK for a continuous period of 5 years?

4) Please tell us what exact date did you arrive to the UK?

5) Are you currently working, being self – employed, student, or a self-sufficient person?

6) Are you of legal age (over 18)?

7 )Have you ever committed any crime in UK or in any country where you have lived for the last five years?

8) Briefly explain the reasons why you wish to apply for Spanish Residency