UK Permanent Residence Card

Del Canto Chambers offers to its clients the best representation for a UK Permanent Residence Card Application, if you are EEA citizens who have lived in United Kingdom for a continuous period of 5 Years, a Permanent Residence Card will prove your right to live in the UK.


After the Brexit vote last 23rd June 2016, there is a legal uncertainty in what will happen with the EEA Citizens who live in the UK as well as the British Citizens who live in the EU. As article 50 is about to be triggered on 29th March 2017. The UK Government will have two years to negotiate with the EU the status of the EU people in the UK and the British people in the EU.


So far, your treaty rights as EEA Citizen remains unaltered, however, if you think Brexit might affect your rights in future, It might be likely that you could need a permanent residence card to prove that you have the right to reside in the UK and to apply for a British Citizenship.

UK Permanent Residence Card

Who can apply?

EEA `Qualified Person´

  • Qualified EEA citizens or Switzerland who live in the UK for a continuous period of 5 years. you must be a qualified person as an employee, self-employed, student, self-sufficient or looking for work before apply.


As Family Permit
EEA Family Members

  • If you have a non EEA direct family member who needs a UK entry clearance.
  • A Spouse or civil partner counts as a family member.
  • Child or grandchild who are either under 21 or a defendant.
  • Dependent parents or grandparents.


EEA Extended Family Members

  • Brother or sister
  • Cousin
  • Aunt or uncle
  • Niece or nephew
  • Relative from a different generation, such as a great aunt, great nephew or second cousin
  • Relative by marriage.

In both cases, the EEA family member should hold a current Residence Permit.


Permanent Residence Card before 5 years

You can obtain a permanent residence before 5 years:

  1. After you have been resident in the UK for 2 years because you have to stop working or being self-employed due to accident or illness (IP).
  2. After you have been resident in the UK for 3 years because you have reached to the state pension age and you have been working in the UK for 1 year or because you retire early and work in UK for 1 year or because you have started working or being self-employed in another EEA state or Switzerland returning to UK once a week and previously have worked in the UK for 3 continuous years.

How To Apply

The Home office application fee for a permanent residence is £65 per applicant and a decision on your application will be taken within 6 months. You may apply online as a qualified person but you will not be able to use the online service if you are student or self-sufficient person, you can use the paper application form which is very extensive and contemplate. Also you must enclose all relevant these years documents to support your application.

Del Canto Chambers, we are expertise Lawyers and Barristers across multiple jurisdictions who ensure your best representation to make you to comply with the Immigration Law. Furthermore, we apply a clear fixed fee policy on our professional services depending on your personal circumstances and the complexity of your case. Please contact us here for further information.

Advantages & Requirements


  • As EEA citizen you may exercise your rights of free movement within the EU without restrictions After Brexit, subsequent changes on immigration rules may change your personal circumstances and your right to reside in the UK. If you think you might be affected, a Permanent Residence Card will prove your rights to live in the UK.
  • You may apply to become for a British Citizenship after 1 year having your permanent residence card.
  • Some access to public funds or benefits might be easier and more accessible for you after obtaining your permanent residence card.



  • To be an EEA citizen or from Switzerland living in the UK for a continuous period of 5 years and support your application with documents from all these 5 years.
  • To be a `qualified person´ as a worker, self-employee, student, self-sufficient or looking for work.
  • To be a direct family member or an extended family member of an EEA citizen.

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