Spanish Off-Plan Deposit Claims

Have you lost your deposit because your property was never built? One of every five houses bought by foreigners in Spain; however many of these brits saw truncated their dreams as they lost their deposits because these properties were never built due to the Spanish financial crisis.

Del Canto Chambers offer you the chance to claim your deposit back based on the Spanish Supreme Court decision on the 21st December 2015.

Your Claim in Three Steps:

1. Let’s talk

Contact us for a free consultation to evaluate your case and we will tell you what options you may have.

2. Processing your Claim

The cost of processing your claim against the bank is £150 / €185. Your claim will be solved by Spanish Court in 12-18 months.


Del Canto Chambers would adapt to your needs offering you a No win No Fee deal or to work in a fixed fee.

3. What documents do we need to study your case:

Contracts subscribed with promoters or cooperatives.

Receipts of the amounts paid to promoters or cooperatives – money debited from your account.

Expenses that you had incurred in order to buy such property.

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