It’s official: A Hung Parliament for UK – No party can win a majority

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It’s official: A Hung Parliament for UK – No party can win a majority

A hung parliament (#HungParliament) leaves Theresa May at the edge of the sword. Results in the UK elections boosted Labour Party with more than 30 seats. The UK Parliament majority (326 seats) leaves the Conservative Party, 7 or 8 seats short, this is what the Conservative Leader, Jeremy Corbyn quotes as “a victory and a reason for Theresa May to resign, as she called this elections as a vote of confidence”. May’s empower for brexit negotiations with the EU failed out, as at the moment she denies to resign, this result would drop the ball on her to look for support from other parties, as a coalition heading by Corbyn with 7 or 8 looks unlikely.

The BBC mentioned this morning that among the best options, would be that May offers to the Democratic Union Party (DUP) from Northern Ireland to form a government, but the position of this party which is pro erasing borders with the Republic of Ireland and pro soft-brexit leaves May her hands-cuffed for a hard brexit so “the no deal is better than a bad deal” it will not work out with DUP. Also two important factors played a key role in this election, UKIP, the Brexit Party casted 2% of the vote, penalised and practically disappeared from the political scene, furthermore, the Scottish independentist Party SNP lose their strength, so a possibility to call for a second referendum in Scotland won’t happen in the near future.

Just only one week left to start the negotiations with the EU, forming a government will be very challenging for the next prime minister, so it seems that the negotiations will be delayed once again. With only two years time from last 29th March, to negotiate more than 19,000 policies with 27 countries, it will require a massive effort and I would say a quite impossible task for concluding these negotiations in two years time. As Del Canto Chambers mentioned before, to extend the negotiations would demand that the 27 EU Countries agree unanimously, (Article  50) so this is an added uncertainty in the UK economy and the pound dove as May’s intention to reassure her strong and stable leadership.

As The Times mentioned this morning Result sees Tories caught between a rock and a hard place.

Julio Prieto

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