#Embracespain XXVIII: It’s not about Gibraltar or Scotland

#Embracespain XXVIII: It’s not about Gibraltar or Scotland

Mobility between Europe and the United Kingdom concerns expats from both sides. The Spanish Embassy in London establishes a one-stop process to inform residents in the UK.

With #Brexit without way back and waiting for negotiations to start, free movement of people seems to be one of the biggest issues in this process. However, the clumsy position of the Spanish diplomacy seems to focus only on old demands against the legitimate sovereignty of the Gibraltar people, even using a hypothetical support to Scotland in the European Union, as a bargaining chip. At Del Canto Chambers we defend the right to self-determination of the peoples and understand that neither the Gibraltar nor the Scottish issues should muddy the UK-Spain relations.

The big issue to be discussed is the impact of #Brexit on the residence rights of the EU citizens living in the UK  and of the Britons living in other EU countries – which are numerous and a source of doubts among those affected by them.

In this sense, the Spanish Embassy in the United Kingdom has established a one-stop process to clarify the doubts of the Spanish residents in the UK. . Most of these doubts are about the requirements to obtain the residence card,  about pension transfer, as well as the condition for UK’s entry and exit.

Precisely. on the nature of #Brexit, some European big firms pronounced themselves advocating for a transitional period when the United Kingdom leaves the EU. This position is contrary to the so-called ‘hard-Brexit’.

The United Kingdom, on the other hand, initiates its new tax year and introduces, in the real estate sector,  and it is being implemented, in the housing market, fiscal measures for the sale of properties for rent (buy-to-let properties). As regards to anti-fraud measures, a telephone line will be set up to avoid tax evasion just when  Lycamobile has a £ 26 million tax dispute with the British Treasury, Credit Suisse Bank is facing an anti-fraud investigation and the International Chamber of Commerce has published a fiscal responsibility guide for multinationals.

The tax return campaign (Declaración de la Renta) has started in Spain. The tax authorities estimate revenues of 200,963 million euros and a figure of refunds to the taxpayers of 11,198 million euros, 2.1% more. In addition, it is estimated that the collection of alcohol and tobacco taxes will increase by 13% and 4% respectively.

In Qatar, we highlight the success of the bilateral trade and investments forum between the United Kingdom and Qatar held last week. In line with the government’s economic and investment diversification policies, a trade and research forum will be held in Canada in September.

With this aim, the Qatari government modified its Arbitration Law to attract this kind of investment passing a new law adapted to international standards on trade law established by the United Nations.

Qatar is one of the most important investment destinations in the Middle East.   In the last few years Qatar has done an important work to adapt its legislation to the international standards, becoming the first GCC country to implement it in its legal system.

Lastly, Qatar does not want to leave out those investors interested in Islamic finance products. Therefore, the merger of its three most important banks  (Marwa Bank, Masraf Al Rayan and the International Bank of Qatar -IQB) will give birth to the largest Islamic bank in the country.

This week a large audience attended the presentation of the book “La Venta del Rayo” by our partner Encarna Castillo and director of the publishing company Trampoline Editores at the Central Library of Cornellá in Barcelona,. There was a great lecture by historian Enrique Tudela on the Internal Exile, co-hosted with the Associació per a la Memòria Històrica i Democràtica del Baix Llobregat. We highlight the discussion following the introduction where he stories shared by some of the attendees helped make the tapestry of the collective memory, which  is being created by all of us.

Also this week, the partners of Del Canto Chambers, together with our lawyer Claudio Rodríguez Vera, travelled the Mediterranean Corridor, from Barcelona to Sotogrande, going through Valencia, Murcia, Granada and Marbella. In this trip, we met with clients owning properties in the coast. We ended our journey in Jerez de la Frontera, where we visited clients and collaborators.

Brexit’s social impact will fall directly on to expats, both Europeans and British, from both sides of the Channel. The uncertainty is big and the Spanish Embassy in the UK has already held an informative session to report Spanish citizens living there. On the negotiators willingness From the negotiators’ will the setting-up of a new permanent frontier or not among the United Kingdom and continental Europe will be relying upon.

The social impact of Brexit will fall directly on expatriates, both European and British, on either side of the Channel. Uncertainty is big and the Spanish Embassy in United Kingdom has already convened an information meeting to inform Spanish citizens living there. On the willingness of the negotiators will depend whether or not a new permanent border is established between the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

On this and other issues we will continue to share our points of view regarding current fiscal and mercantile matters in the UK, Spain and Qatar, as well as from our social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook).

Xavier Nova (@xavinova)

Director of Del Canto Chambers

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