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#EmbraceSpain XXIV: Expats as a social aspect of Brexit

#EmbraceSpain XXIV: Expats as a social aspect of Brexit

#Brexit’s hottest social aspect is the future of both British expatriates in Spain and those of other EU countries in the UK.

Last Sunday, a summary of the editorial breakfast #BrexitOpportunity was published in the “business” section of the newspaper El Pais, under the title “Spain plays its cards in the Brexit game.” This breakfast, which was attended by our Managing Partner Leon Fernando Del Canto, was organized jointly by our Firm and the newspaper El País.

The social aspect of Brexit will clearly be that of the rights of British expatriates in the Union countries and those of European expatriates living in the United Kingdom, whether pensioners or workers. The willingness to seek consensus of the two parties will then be decisive to avoid a social gap to arise from Brexit.

In Spain, the British expats have come together in a platform to campaign against the loss of rights that would result from the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union; at a time when the House of Lords accepted an amendment to the Brexit Act that would recognize, in addition,  the rights of EU expatriates living in the UK.

From Del Canto Chambers we offer services for both Spanish citizens requiring the Residence Permit in the UK , as well a for British citizens who have to obtain the Residence Permit in Spain. Next week we will publish articles on how to obtain these type of permits in both countries.

The concept of equality, as one of our corporate values, has marked the week at Del Canto Chambers. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, we attended, together with our partners of Agencia de Comunicación y Género, the demonstration that is called every year  in Madrid internationally to demand equality and denounce gender violence.

In this sense, Leon Fernando del Canto published an article in the Cinco Días economic newspaper in which he analyzed the effect of the inclusion of gender perspective measures in the companies’ profit and loss account, noting that the acceptance of this type of initiatives “could add 12,000 million dollars to the world GDP until 2025“. Leon Fernando comments: “Fundamental policies to achieve women’s empowerment and equality are no longer used as a mere aesthetic cliché, to become an ethical action of Corporate Social Responsibility. But, above all, as the data show, these are items which we hope will very soon be defining in the balance sheet and P&L account of our companies.

Isabel Mastrodoménico, director of Agencia de Comunicación y Género, has been a finalist this year in the Contest Avanzadoras 2017, for her commitment against gender violence through an egalitarian communication. For four years, Oxfam Intermón has organized this contest, in collaboration with the journal 20 Minutos, awarding a woman in Spain on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on 8 March. The objective of this contest is to make visible the work of an advanced woman in Spain, that is to say, of a woman who has progressed in her life and has helped those around her to progress as well.

Furthermore, on March 6th, Isabel Mastrodoménico and Rocío Blay representing the Communication Agency and Gender and Maria Ubago representing Del Canto Chambers, attended the parliamentary day “Orphans of gender violence: A hidden reality” held in the Spanish Chamber of Deputies, in which the Annual Report of the activity of the Public Prosecutor Soledad Cazorla Prieto Scholarship Fund was presented. This fund offers support for personal development, educational support and compensation for the damage caused to orphans of mothers murdered by gender violence.

On the other hand, our lawyer Laia Fernández, presented in the “Chamber: the other protagonists of the Transition“, her work: “Even if you are from the left-wing you are still a woman” in which she expounds the need for us to re-appropriate history from a perspective of gender. Laia comments: “The focus of my speech is to give voice to a woman silenced by traditional historiography. Through the biography of Teresa Hortensi i Bosch, a Catalanist and feminist by intuition, in the early 1980s when, settled in the south of France, she sheltered some of the members of the proletarian armed band Terra Lliure“. The protagonist explains how the gender roles were perpetuated also in the radical left-wing.

In Qatar this week, the government has decided that, starting in April, it will implement taxes on tobacco, junk food, soft drinks and luxury products and those that have an impact on the environment. Last, with regards to the Qatari real estate market, property transactions grew by 47% in the month of February.

We will continue to share with you, readers, our points of view on the latest news in Spain, UK and Qatar from our blog and our social networks like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. We look forward to be in touch with you again in seven days time.

Xavier Nova (@xavinova)

Director of Del Canto Chambers

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