#EmbraceSpain VIII: embracing the future

New indicators show that the UK economy continues to grow, while the fight against international tax fraud adds a new ally in rating agencies.

The #EmbraceSpain campaign was developed by our firm Del Canto Chambers just two months ago, and in this time we have been able to confirm that the relations between Spain and the United Kingdom are following their usual course, while both economies continue to grow despite the fact that Brexit and the crisis continue to put them to the test.

In relation to this, our Managing Partner, Leon Fernando del Canto, published an article in The Barrister Magazine, where he analyzed the situation in Gibraltar before the prospects of Brexit and the Spanish claims of co-sovereignty with the United Kingdom.

This week, in the hands of our members of the Communication and Gender Agency, we participated in the “FactorW Congress: Diversity and Gender“. This event was organized by the consultancy INTRAMA and was held at the IFEMA Conference Center in Madrid, bringing together more than 600 professionals from more than 40 companies and trending as a national topic with the hashtag #FactorW

The event focused on the adequate management of diversity in companies and how women’s empowerment strengthens their leadership capacities, and what strategies can be employed to improve companies’ results by creating highly efficient professional groups.

In addition, the VariableD 2017 Report was submitted, which analyzes the initiatives and good practices that are currently taking place in promoting Equality and Diversity in companies, as well as the INTRAMA awards.

Our Managing Partner was interviewed by “Radio Nacional de España” (RNE) for their programme “They Can” (talking specifically about women), which was directed by journalist Marta Pastor.

embracing the future

Pastor also interviewed Juan Luis Cano, the well-known director of “Gomaespuma”, who together with our Managing Partner, Leon Fernando del Canto, are members of the #HeforShe United Nations initiative. An initiative that in our country, under the hasthtag #SoyHeforShe, coordinates Laila El Qadi and Marta Lamas. The program aired November 20.

This week, we also met with members and partners of Integral Center Mèdic, whom we are advising on the management and development of the practice. Pedro Ródenas, founding partner of the centre, and of Integral magazine when it first began, is a pioneer of natural medicine and mentor for people in Spain.

Elsewhere, we focused our attention on the Spanish Tax Agency, which prioritizes High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and owners of large real estates in its tax inspections. Exactly the same kind of measurethat the British Treasury, the HMRC, is also carrying out.

On an international level, the fight against tax evasion by large corporations and multinationals adds a new chapter to the decision of one of the most important rating agencies, Morgan Stanley Capital International, to penalize companies that commit fiscal irregularities or that are under suspicion or judgment by the tax authorities.

In the United Kingdom, the public had a strong reaction to this tax scandal brought out by various temporary placement agencies.

Spain and especially the UK are both preparing for a post-Brexit scenario that will redefine their bilateral strategies for the coming decades. At the moment, the British economy remains strong: average house prices and free space to build offices are increasing.

Across the Atlantic, our partners at Gericó Associates have organized and participated as speakers in the First International Congress of Legal Marketing and Legal Communication of Latin America in Lima (Peru).

The event was attended by Baker & McKenzie (Echecopar), Estudio Rubio, Miranda & Amado, Rebaza Alcázar, Hernández Ugarelly, Estudio Caro, Estudio Grau and Torres & Torres Lara, along with other renowned law firms in Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Ecuador. The objective of the congress was to provide elements, criteria and tools to those responsible for Marketing and Communication in the offices which are able to face a professionalized management in these areas.

From our firm Del Canto Chambers’ corporate blog, as well as from our social networks Twitter, @DelCantoChamber, and Linkedin, we want to contribute in the construction of the future between both nations and share this privilege (and also the information) with those who accompany us. There is always a moment to hug, there is always a moment to #EmbraceSpain.

Xavier Nova (@xavinova)
Director of Del Canto Chambers

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