#EmbraceSpain II: Strengthening the embrace between Spain and the United Kingdom

Our firm continues the #EmbraceSpain campaign to strengthen Spanish-British ties. In addition, it looks further into these ties by assessing various different sectors.

At Del Canto Chambers, October began with the launch of our monthly Newsletter featuring the activities that we are developing, such as our #EmbraceSpain campaign.

Although it is not easy among such polarization, we advocate the bilateral dialogue between Britain and Spain. Neither Teresa May’s statements to prevent the free movement of people, nor Margallo’s about putting the flag up in Gibraltar demonstrate the breadth of vision needed right now. “There is no possibility of economic growth by building walls in one’s territory, nor by putting up flags in the territories of others,” says Leon Fernando Del Canto, in his article in Cinco Dias.

On another point, this week we met in Barcelona with the partners of Integral Centre Médic, the pioneer medical center in alternative and holistic medicine, founders of the famous Integral magazine, who are advising on corporate structure and development.

As experts in NGOs and Foundations, and recognizing the phenomenon of religious diversity in our country, this week we were advising the Governing Council of the International Association for Consciousness Khrishna (IKSCON), and attended a meeting in their rural community in Brihuega ( Guadalajara).

Accompanied by Isabel Mastrodomenico, director of the Agency of Communication and Gender, we participated in the Second Regional Conference of the South for Gender Equality, “Media and Gender: a transformational alliance” organized by the Cabildo of Tenerife and the South Network Equality Tenerife.

On the other hand, our partners MALNE, following their success at the latest Madrid Fashion Week, have taken their designs and dresses to New Couture, one of the most important international industry sales fair in Paris which represents designers from Europe, Middle East, US, East Asia and Russia.

This week we published an article in Bloomberg BNA, in which our Managing Partner analyzes the latest measures of the British Treasury against VAT fraud. On top of this, Leon Fernando Del Canto also wrote about the right to privacy and its relation to parliamentary immunity in Global Assets magazine.

The variety of topics that have worked on over the past seven days have created new opportunities for our clients and customers. We will be back in touch next week with more topics of interest.

Xavier Nova (@xavinova)
Director of Del Canto Chambers

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