Del Canto Chambers embarks upon the #EmbraceSpain campaign




Brexit has dealt a hard blow to the aspiration of European integration, but in the midst of so much negativity, we at Del Canto Chambers have maintained our stance that the UK’s exit from the EU is a historic chance for both the United Kingdom and Spain and that’s precisely why we are joining forces by embarking on this campaign with the international strategy consulting Firm Kairos Stragegy. This will help to enhance cultural and commercial bonds between both countries, at a time when they most need each other.


The United Kingdom, which boasts one of the most influential and dynamic financial systems worldwide, will benefit from a European partner well-positioned in Latin America and with a remarkable reach in the Mediterranean arch as well. On the other hand, Spain, which still has a weak economy to recover from, needs a financial and commercial partner with influence in geographic strategic areas such as the United States, Asia and the Middle East.


It is with good reason that Madrid and London are linked by important economic, politic, financial, commercial, social, cultural and historic ties. It’s over these bonds that a new chapter in their bilateral relations should be built and the #EmbraceSpain concept promotes this nicely.


At Del Canto Chambers we believe that given the importance of the historic moment that we are living through, a big effort is required to bring to the table the most relevant institutional players. Indeed, we have already met with both countries’ Chambers of Commerce and both Britsh and Spanish associations and private businesses that have already shown that their interests lie firmly within this embrace.


Great illustrations of the embrace between two countries include joint ventures such as Iberia and British Airways, Iberdrola and Scottish Power, Telefónica and O2 or banks like Santander UK or Sabadell.


The #EmbraceSpain campaign aspires to generate strong media interest and become a platform through which coordination of all public and private efforts should be made, with the goal of preserving, protecting and deepening the mutual and privileged Spanish and British relations, as well as to encourage the blossoming of new opportunities which will withought a doubt create a better future for both nations.


We at Del Canto Chambers, an international firm with offices in London and Madrid, are convinced that History is repeating itself. Both countries are facing a unique opportunity and that’s exactly why we want to send a message loud and clear: it is time to support the Spanish and British relations. It is time to look at the future with optimism. It is time to #EmbraceSpain.