Conveyancing Solicitors

Are you Buying or Selling a property in Spain?

Conveyancing Costs: taxes, fees and disbursements could be up to 13% of the purchase price.


As you would do in the UK, it is advisable to involve a registered Spanish conveyancing solicitors (abogada o abogado) in the earliest stages of your decision to buy or to sell your spanish property.


Del Canto Chambers total convenyancing services advises on the most cost effective and tax efficient way to acquire your property, walking you through the conveyancing process, which obviously will include the negotiation of your mortgage.

Conveyancing Solicitors - Del Canto Chambers

Conveyancing CostsUp to 13% in taxes, fees and disbursements

Del Canto Chambers legal and tax services are provided by English speaking Spanish registered conveyancing solicitors (abogados y abogadas) and include:

Meeting or conference with you to understand your rights and obligations.

Negotiation with the parties involved to secure the acquisition.

Recommendations for mortgages and/or reliable real estate agents, members of the International Association of Property Professionals.

Advise on the most suitable resident permit or visa —if applicable, based on your personal needs and particular situation.

Tax, financial and legal advice for an optimal and cost efficient acquisition.

Mortgage deed revision with banks or mortgage cancellation, if you are selling.

Organisation of the deeds signature with the notary.

Supervision of all work until the property is duly registered in the Land Registry.

Property management as an optional service in order to arrange your payments and bills.

Tax and legal representation to protect your interests in Spain.

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