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US Fellow Students at Chambers

Normanton Chambers and The Lex Fellowship organised a US Law students visit to our Chambers located at 218 Strand in London. They came from some of the top US universities (Berkley, Kansas, Los Angeles, Virginia and George Washington University among others). The students really enjoyed the morning as they interacted lively...

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spanish lawyers in uk - Del Canto Chambers

Legal services are great!

 Legal Services are great in the UK!   Del Canto Chambers was invited to participate to the presentation of the campaign “Legal Services are great” last 28th June at Lancaster House. The event was hosted by the Rt Hon David Gauke, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice who together with other...

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The Spanish Embassy held a meeting on Brexit

The Spanish Embassy held a meeting on Brexit “This is a historic moment from which there can be no turning back”  said yesterday Theresa May in the House of Commons; few hours after her ambassador in the EU Tim Barrow gave to Donald Tusk; EU Council President, the letter which officially...

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Gibraltar: the Brexit’s territorial problem

Gibraltar: the Brexit's territorial problem Gibraltar advocates a distinctive agreement for the Rock and other British territories in the negotiations regarding Britain’s exit from the EU. Gibraltar's Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, advocated in the British TV Channel “BBC” that the upcoming negotiations between London and Brussels to negotiate Britain’s exit from...

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HNWI The British tax authorities’ goal

HNWI: The British tax authorities’ goal

British tax authority is targeting high-net-worth individuals in order to collect more taxes that patch the public deficit hole up. The United Kingdom has an economic problem: in 2015 its public deficit reached up to 4.20 of GDP. To cover that hole is a priority for the State to regain income....

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