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US Fellow Students at Chambers

Normanton Chambers and The Lex Fellowship organised a US Law students visit to our Chambers located at 218 Strand in London. They came from some of the top US universities (Berkley, Kansas, Los Angeles, Virginia and George Washington University among others). The students really enjoyed the morning as they interacted lively...

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How does Spain tax corporate income?

How does Spain tax corporate income? Individuals operating their own business or planning a startup in Spain will need awareness of the Spanish tax system in order to succeed. Del Canto Chambers specialise in Spanish and UK tax advice and tax compliance as well as tax inspections. The brief guide below...

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Legal services are great!

 Legal Services are great in the UK!   Del Canto Chambers was invited to participate to the presentation of the campaign “Legal Services are great” last 28th June at Lancaster House. The event was hosted by the Rt Hon David Gauke, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice who together with other...

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When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?

We would do better if we would have paid more attention to Benjamin Franklin…. The alternative dispute resolution ADR are mechanisms for the parties in conflict to resolve their differences and avoid going to court. Its effective, efficient and quick within family disputes, working relationship, and commercial agreements. In Spain, this...

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New ruling favourable for claims of mortgage costs

Recently we published an article with regards to court claims in mortgage expenses (Notary fees, Land´s Registry fees, Property Appraisal and management costs among others). Furthermore, a First Instance Judge from Alcorcon, (Madrid), has sentenced Bankia to refund all above mentioned mortgage set up costs including the Stamp Duty Tax which...

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Spain embraces the UK

#EmbraceSpain XXXVIX: Spain embraces the UK

Coinciding with King Felipe VI's visit to the United Kingdom, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and El País, the leading Spanish and Latin American newspaper, launched the Observatory of the Spanish Speaking World. The presentation and signing of the agreement took place on July 12th at...

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Owning Property in Spain is Taxing

It’s just a matter of time that UK expatriates in Spain receive a notification from the Spanish Inland Revenue (Hacienda); claiming unpaid taxes for the last four tax years (tax statute of limitation). By now, after having acquired your Spanish property, we are sure you’ll agree that the Spanish Tax Legislation...

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The Observatory of the Spanish-speaking World

The London School of Economics and the Spanish Leading newspaper in the world launch The Observatory Of the Spanish-speaking World   Coinciding with the Spanish king’s visit to the UK, The London School of Economics and Political Science and El País -Spanish leading newspaper in the world- launch the Observatory of the...

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XXI Century censorship and Qatar Crisis

In countries and times when communication is impeded, all other freedoms soon wither away. The discussion dies from starvation, ignorance of others' opinions becomes rampant, imposed opinions triumph. Intolerance is inclined towards censorship, and censorship promotes ignorance of the arguments of others and therefore intolerance itself. A rigid vicious circle, which...

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Floor Clause Del Canto

Floor Clauses: 11 most Common Asked Questions

If you are one of those that are doubting about starting a complaint for overcharged mortgage interest against your bank, probably, many doubts will arise before contacting a professional firm. The clients whom have deposited their trust in us, have already been answered with their bank claims queries. In Del Canto...

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