Blogsdederecho analyses web of Del Canto Chambers

Blogsdederecho analyses the web of Del Canto Chambers

At Del Canto Chambers our efforts to reflect our corporate identity and our brand image through our website have been rewarded. A few days ago the web “” checked out our online site and made a positive review on the presentation of our services, as we have project them to reach the world.

Blogsdederecho analyses the web of Del Canto Chambers

For starters, according to this website, specialized in analysing all sorts of blogs about law and legal matters, the design is “friendly, attractive and innovative.” From their point of view, the sections “are very well explained and tidy”. Certainly, typography and colour contrasts are designed so that there is no need to overexert in order to read the contents. In point of fact, thanks to its careful programming the page loads pretty fast. Also, in their opinion, the website captures the attention of visitors “thanks to the attractive images and visual strategies” used. Elements all of them, according to Blogsdederecho, “extremely important”.

On the other hand, Blogsdederecho has been able to ascertain that Del Canto Chambers is an international firm based in London and Madrid and Qatar, making us, in their opinion, “the best option for many customers who need global advice” thanks to our creative and tailor- made solutions. We certainly agree that, as is expressed in the article, “the multicultural vision of Del Canto Chambers is an exceptional value for our customers.”

Blogsdederecho also describes positively that we strive to make our Twitter profile very accessible for our web users, which is important because it is a network that allows us to communicate directly with our customers and consumers, both domestic and international.

If they have forgotten anything, it is perhaps to mention the importance for an office like ours to make the contents of the website available in both English and Spanish, precisely because of the multicultural nature of our customers and the international influence of the work and projects we undertake.

The full article in Spanish is here.

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